2016 Pioneer Awards

The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame has announced a new award to be given periodically honoring individuals who have given much needed support and assistance and have contributed significantly to the country music profession. Recipients for the 2016 show:

James White - The man behind the Broken Spoke, the oldest and most famous Honky Tonk still in operation. For over 50 years, many legends and upcoming stars have performed there.

Johnnie High - A music impresario, starmaker and performer. He established Johnnie High's Country Music Review and gave many young performers a start.

James Kirkland - Singer, songwriter, bass player, side man for David Houston, Bob Luman, Jim Reeves and Ricky Nelson. He was the first person to play electric bass on the Grand Ole Opry and helped to pioneer the "Triple Slap" style of upright bass playing.

Museum Hours

Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 4:00pm


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  • Child - $5.00
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